Get to know me!

I used to love these surveys so I decided to do one for my blog

Name: Nikki

Age: 34

Height: 4’11”

Religion: Christian

Eye color: blue

Hair color: brown

Place of Birth: Meridian

Favorite color: purple

Married or single: Married for 13 years

Kids: 3 Jake, 16, Rhiannon, 12, and Trey 8.

Siblings: 2 younger sisters, Kristi 31 and Courtney 27

Best friends: Will (yes my husband 🙂 ) and Jessica

If you could visit one place on Earth where would it be? Ireland. I’d love to learn more about my heritage.

Tattoos? : 1, 3 leaf clover on the back of my right shoulder blade

Coke or pepsi: coke

Favorite food: pizza

Favorite cuisine: Mexican

Hobbies: photography and walking


If anyone has anything they’d like to ask me, please use this contact form to do so!  I look forward to your questions!




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