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Since it’s close to Halloween, I thought I’d tell a true ghost story. Now, I’m not going to say ghosts are real or not. I still don’t really know. But this story I’m about to tell you freaked me out.


When my kids were ages 8,4,and 2 months, we were renting this older trailer. It wasn’t that bad, it was just old. Right next to this trailer was an old abandoned house. My husband and I went into it a couple of times. There were a few pieces of old furniture and old newspapers left inside. Some of the floors were falling in, but for the most part, we were able to walk through the whole house with no problem. I constantly felt like someone was watching me though. My husband was working nights at that time so I was home alone with the kids. I never went outside at night unless my husband was there. I wouldn’t even look out of the window that faced the old house.

One day,my daughter, who was then 4, started telling me about the “scary lady” who lived in the house. She said the lady had 2 kids and that they had been killed by their father. She also told me that she looked up at one of the windows of the old house and the “scary lady” told her to “go away”. My daughter didn’t act overly upset. I am not sure if she was even really afraid. I think she thought they were just regular, albeit odd, people.

I am a horror movie fan, however, I did not let her watch them when she was that little. So there’s no way she got the idea from a movie. I tried finding out who owned the old house, but could never find any information. I used to have photos of the house that I took, but I never liked to look at them. I always got a creepy vibe just from looking at the photos.

My daughter can still recount the story and now that she knows what she saw was paranormal, she gets a little frightened. She’s just glad we don’t live around there anymore.

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