I’m A Quitter

I started working for a local CPA and I thought it was going to be a great job. I figured I could learn some light bookeeping and tax skills.  My first mistake was taking this job during tax season. The office I worked for is a very small office, meaning it was only me, the CPA and his wife. The CPA is an elderly man who has no patience when it comes to trying to teach others new skills. He got very frustrated with me on the 2nd or 3rd day I was there. I let it go.  He even told me “If I get frustrated with you, just overlook it”.  So I did a lot that week.  However, Friday, I made a mistake, nothing that couldn’t be fixed, just something that would take a little time to correct.  This happened at the end of the day, about 15 minutes before I was to get off work. He proceeded to get extremely frustrated with me, angry even. He berated me on and on for 25 minutes. At several points, he said “I thought you were brighter than this.” I knew it was his way of calling me stupid without calling me stupid.  I should mention that this 25 minutes was off the clock. However, he insisted I help him get the folders in order before I leave so I could work on it Monday. I didn’t protest because afterall, it was my mistake.  I don’t get upset about being corrected. I try to learn from things like that. However, his attitude and the things he said to me were uncalled for. When I finally got to leave, I walked out to my vehicle and cried all the way home.

Over the weekend, I contemplated what I should do.  I did need the job, but I new that the environment was toxic and if this is how he acted after only a week, it wasn’t going to get better. So I typed up my resignation letter, placed the office key in it, and dropped it off in the mail slot in the door at the office.  He was actually in the office when I got there but I parked around the building so I could drop it off without having to speak with him. I’m very non-confrontational and didn’t want to have to deal with his nasty attitude again.  I like to work, but I will not be verbally abused and stressed out like that.  No one deserves to be talked to like that.  He knew I didn’t have experience in this and that he’d have to train me. I get that it’s tax time, he’s busy and frustrated, but once again he knew this.  I’m disappointed in myself because I couldn’t stick it out.  But I knew I had to quit for the sake of my mental health.

There’s a quote that goes so well with this situation and it’s “People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.” This is so true in my case. If he had been more understanding I would have been willing to stay, no matter how busy the office got. But I refuse to stay somewhere I’m going to be belittled and go home in tears. No one should be spoken to like that but I don’t see him changing. He’s 72 and already set in his ways. But I’m not going to work there and put up with it.  Period.

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