Newman’s Own Organic Food Giveaway


Newman’s Own Organic Food Giveaway

Hosted by: The Frugal Mrs. Jones

Sponsored by: Newman’s Own Organic

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Disclaimer: Jessica from The Frugal Mrs. Jones received everything mentioned above for free in exchange for her honest opinion and review.

WOW! Jessica really enjoyed preparing for this review, A.K.A. stuffing her face with a lot of wonderful food! 😛

As you can see above, she received 9 types of goodies to try out. Notice I said 9 TYPES, but she received a few different flavors of each! The Fig Newmans were a hit with Jessica’s (almost) 2-year old niece. She took some to school every day, and she didn’t even leave as much as a crumb after lunch time! Her mother really liked that they were the perfect size for her to hold on her own, and the sweet flavor was definitely a plus!

The licorice was Jessica’s dad’s favorite. He scarfed them down so quickly no one else had a chance to try them! He says they were just sweet enough to satisfy his sweet tooth, and he wishes he had some more on hand!

Jessica preferred the Newman-O’s over everything else. She was able to try some that replicated oreos, peanut butter chocolate flavored ones, and mint. Her favorite was the oreo flavored ones. They are extremely addictive, as the package didn’t last more than two days!

Jessica’s sister really loved the cookies. She is due with her second baby in a couple of weeks, and these fulfilled her cravings almost immediately! She ate the whole bag, and enjoyed every minute of it. The Ginger Snap cookies are a true replica of what “grandma would make at home.”

Her youngest sister really enjoyed the pretzels. She is a huge pretzel fan, and she definitely enjoyed getting to try out 5 different types!

The mints (4 tins) are delicious, and perfect for if you develop dry-mouth or if you are in need of something sweet when you’re away from home. The tins are extremely cute as well, and they can be used in crafts later on!

Her mother really enjoyed the Hermits. She says the flavor was perfect, and they were really moist (perfect!) and went very well with the Royal Tea they received. It also tasted very natural, with a true molasses flavoring.

The dried fruit was also delicious, and a very healthy alternative to regular snacking. The apples were loved most, and they were the first to be eaten completely.

One lucky reader will win their very own box full of Newman’s Own Organic treats (4 different types!). This giveaway will run from May 1st, 2014 at 9am to May 8th, 2914 at 9am. Use the Giveaway Tool below to enter, and good luck!




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  1. I have only heard of it on a few blogs but never saw it in stores but next time I go grocery shopping I will lock for ity

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