Road Trippin: Must Visit Places in Natchez, MS

I love to travel, however, I’ve don’t really have the money to go far.  So my travel usually just includes places I can get to in 3 hours or less.  One of those places is Natchez, MS. If you’ve never heard of the Natchez Trace and are interested in history, by all means research it. It’s a wonderful place to visit.  So far I’ve only been from the part of the trace in Jackson to Natchez.  The city of Natchez isn’t very large, but it makes up for it in culture and landscape.  Not only are there great places to dine, there’s also wonderful scenery to take in. If you’ve never seen the Mighty Mississippi, you are truly missing out.

Here’s a list of my must visit places when in Natchez:

1. Kings Tavern: It’s the oldest building in Natchez built in 1769. It was originally a home then in 1789 it was bought by a man from New York named Richard King.  He opened it up as a tavern/inn.  This of course attracted people of all sorts, including some  unsavory characters.  He sold it in 1817 to a family and it was a private home for about 150 years. Someone bought it in the 70s and turned it into a tavern/restaurant. It was bought by new owners in 2013.  It was closed down for awhile and I was bummed because I really wanted to eat there. To my delight, it was opened back up last fall, I believe.  So of course I just had to eat there.  There is an actual chef who cooks like no other.  We had the flatbread and it was amazing.  The bartender there is top notch too.  I got this awesome little drink called “Baby it’s Cold Outside”.  That was the first warm alcoholic drink I’d ever had.

2. Natchez Under the Hill: Over 165 years ago, this area was notorious for being the popular hangout for unsavory characters. Nowdays, it’s a host for a few restaurants and shops. If you’re there, check out Magnolia Grill. You can eat while watching the boats go down the river.

3. William Johnson House: This is a free museum to tour and the history is quite interesting. It was the home of a free black man by the name of William Johnson. He was a well liked and successful businessman in Natchez.. He kept a diary from 1835-1851 that detailed his everyday life.

4. The Natchez Visitor Center: I visit this place every time we go. It serves as a welcome center as well as a museum. They have information on all the activities going on around Natchez.

5. Bluff Park: Situated on the banks of the Mississippi, this is a beautiful place to relax and watch the sunset.

6. Antebellum Homes: Natchez is well known for all of their beautiful antebellum homes. There are too many to list here so check out this link for information on all of the gorgeous homes located in Natchez.

If you have ever been to Natchez, is there anything you’d add to this list? Tell me in the comments!

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