Roasted chickpeas

I absolutely love chickpeas because they are so versatile. I was looking for healthy snacks (so I can cut down on the junk food) and found a recipe for roasted chickpeas.  I can’t remember where I found it but there are several recipes online.

It’s really easy though. I mean, I hate to cook but if I am willing to make it, trust me, it’s easy LOL.  All you need is a can of chickpeas, some olive oil, and salt. You can also add whatever type of spice you want to add.  Toss the ingredients together and bake at 350 for around 40 minutes. I think I actually baked mine for 50 minutes because I wanted them extra crispy. I didn’t take a pic of them though because I ate most of them within like 20 minutes lol.  I did share a few with Rhiannon and Will (the hubby).  Rhiannon loves them but Will is just kinda “eh” about them. He’s kind of picky anyway. Oh and my youngest, Trey, will not eat them at all. He’s picky as well. He will eat hummus (which is made from chickpeas) but he’s never seen anyone make it before so he’s not convinced that’s a main ingredient in it lol.  I’m still looking for other ways I can incorporate chickpeas in my diet though because they are really healthy (not to mention tasty too!)

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  1. love chickpeas………… but have never roasted them…. its time

    If you don’t cook guess you have never made chili. I add can of bean (whatever), hominy and chickpeas to my chili and it really fills you up quickly

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