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I have dealt with a lot of small businesses and for the most part they have wonderful customer service. However, today, my sister dealt with one that was less than favorable. I’m not going to give the full name of the company here, I will just refer to it as “RC”. It’s a children’s clothing shop. I don’t want to post the name because I am not sure how much I could legally post.

So here’s the deal: This is directly quoted from my sister’s page

“I would not suggest any of my friends do business with these people! I placed an order, they processed my payment, told me it would be shipped on 1/15/16. When I hadn’t received it last week, I contacted them again & they told me it was on back order. Thinking they would make amends, I gave them my phone number. When I received a call, the lady acted like I was informed it was on back order. When I told her I wasn’t, she simply said, “Ok I’ll refund your money.” When I told her she was losing a customer, she said, “Ok have a nice day.” I left a very similar comment on their facebook page, but it has been deleted & I have been blocked from commenting. It appears to be a shady business.”

So I took a screenshot and tried to post it on their wall. However, the RC admin had it set to where the page admin would have to approve any posts. I knew they wouldn’t approve it so I left it as a comment on one of their posts. They also have taken off the review portion of their facebook page. So the only comments allowed on the page are positive ones.

Around 15 minutes of posting that I get a message on facebook from one of the owners, “N.” She told me that she had my IP address and was going to contact the police and have me charged with harassment. Then she said I never ordered from her and I was “slandering” her. Well first off, genius, I posted the screen shot of what my sister said. I never said I ordered from you. Also, slander is usually against a person, not a business. I believe you are looking for the word “libel”. And as for the harassment, good luck with that. I only posted that one comment. I didn’t message the page or anything else. I tried to respond to her but of course, she blocked me as soon as she sent that message.

I decided to do some research on the company. I looked up the domain information and of course, it’s registered to a domain by proxy company so there’s no identifying info there. Then I decided to look up the business on yelp and BBB. And whoa, there are so many complaints until it’s not even funny. And it seems that “N.” has threatened many other people who have complained about RC’s business practices.

Like I said, I have never dealt with such rude customer service, even from big companies. “N.” needs to go to school and take a course on business ethics. Also a little customer service training would help too. I am guessing she’s the one who owns the company. I am sure if she was just an employee she wouldn’t be that rude.

So two things: If a business has taken down the ability to review them on their fb page, they are probably shady. And two, research companies before spending your hard earned money.

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