Things Homeschool Parents Are Tired of Hearing

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Things homeschool parents are tired of hearing:

  1. “Aren’t you worried about socialization?!”  Um, yeah because apparently homeschooled kids aren’t allowed to go anywhere and talk to people.   The last time I checked, after about the 6th grade, breaks are almost nonexistent and kids are not allowed to talk during class or lunch.  So just how much are they getting to socialize.
  2. “Homeschool is ok and all but there should be more regulation.” Why?  Homeschools don’t get state money so why should they have to take attendance or take achievement tests.  Homeschooled students actually score better on tests than students who are in public school.
  3. “What grade are you in?”  I’m sure that people who ask my kids this question are just trying to be nice, but it’s annoying.  While some people who homeschool do follow strict curriculum, not all of us do.  Just know that my child is learning and getting an education.  There may be some subjects where we have to spend more time and then there are some subjects where we can just blast on through to the next level.  Either way, it’s none of anyone’s business.
  4. “I couldn’t stay home with my kids all the time. They would drive me crazy.” Hmmm..well I’m sorry you don’t like your own kids, but I do.  My kids are awesome and I love being able to teach them.

I’m sure that other homeschoolers could add to this list.  These are just the ones that I hear the most often.  And just as a side note, I have nothing against parents who send their kids to public school.  In fact, my oldest son decided not to homeschool and graduated from the local high school. I believe that you have to do what’s best for your kids. And this is what is best for my younger two.

If you really want to learn more about homeschooling, you should check out the National Home School Association.

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  1. I guess I would be one of those people that would ask these questions. And I know I would be because I don’t really understand why home schooling. If you lived a hour or two away from school guess it would make life easier for the kids. But some people homeschool who live 5 minutes from school.

    Maybe you could do something on why parents home school 🙂

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