I really don’t like using this blog to vent about things, but I figured since I do pay for the domain and hosting here, I can use it for whatever I like.

I am just really tired of being used. I am tired of people only contacting me when they want something. That’s the only time they ever call/text. But I find it hard to say “no”. I know that if I do, they will probably get mad and stop talking to me. But hey, I’ve figured out, when people are angry with me, they don’t ask me for favors all the time. They pretty much don’t talk to me. So maybe that’s what I need to do. I just really hate to have people mad at me. I’m hesitant about putting details on here just in case they find this blog. I will just say that the person texts me at the last minute needing a favor. And I think they do that because they think I’ll feel obligated to do it if they make me think they have no one else to help them. It just makes me angry though. It makes me angry because they don’t consider that I may have things to do. I got a text tonight from the person and I have chosen to ignore it for now. If they needed my help that much, why not text me earlier tonight or even earlier today?
Maybe I should just make everyone mad at me so they will stop asking for stuff all the time. It would be nice not to get texts all the time from people who just want to use me.

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