What To Do In Sheffield As A Student

Sheffield is an amazing city in its own right and it’s a great home for students throughout the year into the bargain. Your budget is often a large factor in your decision making process throughout your life, but no more so when you’re a student. To help you stretch your maintenance loan a bit further, here’s a few of the things to look forward to when you’re living in Sheffield that won’t break the bank.


If you’re living in Sheffield Hallam accommodation then you will be within walking distance from many of the amenities and attractions the city centre has to offer. West street is where you want to head for your first night out in the city, packed full of bars and generous student offers to go with them. If you plan carefully and take advantage of some promotions meant to lure in the student audience, a night out can be had within a reasonable budget. The university Student Union also offers a great social hub, and often societies will host themed nights in various SU locations across the city and campus.


If you’re in Sheffield over the summer, there is the Tramlines music festival, which is well worth checking out. If you’re prepared to roll your sleeves up and do a bit of work, you can take on some volunteering opportunities and enjoy the festival without paying for a ticket!


Sheffield is also perfectly placed right next to the Peak District. There is a variety of wholesome outdoor activities to choose from, such as mountain climbing and pub walks. The universities have societies for those who wish to hike or go on more gentle walks too, as well as doing other expeditions throughout the Peak district. If you wish to get your nature fix closer to the city then there are also botanical gardens and peace gardens to visit throughout Sheffield.


For those wishing to get a fix of culture there is the Millennium Gallery, which only asks for a small donation and is a small but well stocked art museum. There is also the Museum of Sheffield located in Weston park, which is great if you want to find out a bit of the history of your new home. This only very lightly touches the surface of what Sheffied has to offer and you’ll be sure to find your own favourite spots throughout the city and its surrounding areas.

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