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It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Things have just been so crazy here. I am praying they are finally slowing down some. I am still trying to find a job. The job market around here is pretty non existent. If I wanted to get a decent job, I’d have to work in Jackson, which is over an hour away. So I just keep hoping that I can get a job with the same company that employs my husband. I probably won’t like the job, but the pay there is decent. I really need to find something because I have bills that are past due. Mostly credit cards but I still want to pay them off. I would like to know what it’s like to actually have money to put back for fun things instead of every penny going to bills. I don’t have to be rich, it would just be nice to be able to not be so stressed over money all the time. And I think getting out and working would be good for me. I haven’t worked outside of the home since I worked for the state. That job was just not for me. If they hadn’t put so much work on me in the beginning, I would have probably stayed there longer. They wanted me to train, plus work the front desk and then help the other workers with their case load. If I had already been trained, I wouldn’t have minded doing those things. But it was just too much for me being a new employee.

The kids will still homeschool. If I do go to work, I can just make sure they get their lessons done at night. Rhiannon will probably work on her’s during the day. I don’t usually have to scold her for not doign her school work. Trey, on the otherhand, is not going to want to do his work. He’d much rather play video games or watch youtube. Rhiannon is responsible enough to stay here with Trey, she’ll be 15 in December. And plus, we have family around who are always home. I refuse to put them back in public school and they don’t want to go anyway. From what I’ve heard, the bullying there has gotten pretty bad. The school itself is not in a bad part of town or anything. It’s in a very small town. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no bullying. What really makes me mad is that parents will go to the administrators about the bullying issue and nothing will be done. Then when the bullied child has enough and fights back, they are punished. I have always taught my kids to not start fights and walk away when they can, but if someone hits them, I don’t expect them to just stand there and take it. I’m grown but I can tell you right now, if someone hit me, I would defend myself.

Jake graduated back in May and he’s been working on the pipeline for the past few months. He’s gone a lot and we hardly get to see him. We went to see him last weekend. He’s working in Louisiana and we just so happened to go through the town where the Duck Dynasty people are. They have a store there, which if you’ve watched the show, you’ve seen. None of the Robertson’s were there though. But we did still take some pictures in front of the sign. We only stayed one night. We came back on Sunday. Then yesterday, I was sitting in my office and saw someone wlak past my window. It was Jake! I was really surprised to see him. He got a day off and decided to drive home to surprise us and his girlfriend. He has to go back today but I’m glad he got to come home and see us for a little bit. I am hoping he gets some time off after this job is completed. I know he misses being here because he’s not used to being away from home. But I am so proud of the young man he has become. He’s always been a hard worker though. However, even though he is 18 and towers over me, he will always be my baby.

That’s it for the update….Keep praying for me to get a call about a good job soon!

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